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  • Inspiration isn't always easy to come by and sometimes we just need a boost to get our imaginations ready for the next big idea. With Colour and Inspiration, allow your creative juices to flow as we take you through inspired concepts that will have you choosing colours and painting rooms to suit your style. Inspiriation has never been this easy.
    Get the colour scheme you want with our new 'SwatchIT' system. All it takes is 3 easy steps - See it. Snap it. Swatch it.
    When you express yourself with a colour, the possibilities are endless and with the Inspired Colour System, it just takes one colour to open a world of colour potential and choose your perfect colour scheme.
    There is a fine line between too little and too much when it comes to painting a room. One unbroken colour can be monotonous, add an extra colour and suddenly it's distracting and too busy. Here's how you find that perfect balance to achieve the perfect colour mood.
    Plascon's Palette of 2014 is inspired by the different ways that we bring colour into our lives, and the different influences that we draw on to do so. With an eye on global trends, and a mind for the local market, we've developed four themes for the coming year: Memory, Expression, Mystery and Origins – running from bold brights to stripped-back basics, and everything in between.
    A reinvention of Plascon's award-winning Living Concepts Showroom, our new customer advisory centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town are real-world extensions of our hugely successful Plascon Spaces paint and décor magazine.
    Discover the transformative power of paint with Plascon Spaces; an inspirational décor magazine showcasing the latest paint and colour trends, home makeovers, set-by-step projects, and practical decorating and renovation advice from our experts.
    Just like with any trend, colour trends change all the time as do the ways in which to use them. Plascon Trends gives you daily updates and keeps you on the pulse of what is happening with colour around the world and which Plascon colours you can use to make sure you stay on trend.
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  • Starting a painting project can be daunting. It can be confusing enough choosing the right colours without having to also choose the right tools and then deciding on the right application techniques. Tools & Techniques gives you insight into creating paint effects and resolving common problems to make your life easier. Make something labourious a labour of love.