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Plascon Colour Forecast 2016

The 2016 Plascon Colour Forecast continues a tradition started in 1999 when we launched our first Forecast – a pioneering publication in the South African market. Once again, this year’s Forecast has been produced in partnership with the colour experts at MIX magazine – a global thought leader in the world of design and interiors.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 cover (Credits to follow)

The 2016 Forecast expresses key directions in colour trends across four themes. These each take the form of a colour palette and décor direction, encompassing not just what the theme looks like, but also the mood and energy evoked by each one.


The 2016 Forecast Themes:

ELEMENT is as a theme that uncovers geological inspiration to explore our relationship with the landscape around us. A palette of soft neutrals, raw surfaces and tonal colours, Element is both luxurious and tactile. Its design expressions include mineral geometry, chalky colours and gradated finishes.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 - Element Palette (Credits to follow)

DISCOVERY looks to the skies around us for inspiration, with colours that reflect our astronomical fascination. This palette features cool colours complemented by soothing neutrals and bright colour pops to recreate night-sky starscapes. The design expressions include weightless ombrés, powdery effects and interstellar bands and stripes.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 - Discovery Palette (Credits to follow)

HEIRLOOM looks to that past for indulgent luxury. Rich colour and texture inspires a new classicism in design, with a sensual palette of neutrals and moody tones. Design expressions here include colour treatments that mirror Old Master paintings, a careful balance of light and dark tones, and artful decay in textures.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 - Heirloom Palette (Credits to follow)

CONNECT is bold and bright, taking the energy of the Memphis design movement and channelling into unpretentious and exuberant interiors. A palette of upbeat colours is used here to create lively patterns and surface treatments. Design expressions include geometric motifs, sculptural colour treatment and all-over colour.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 - Connect Palette (Credits to follow)


Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 Consumer Brochure


The 2016 Colour of the Year:

Atlantic Beach B5-B1-1 is an intense blue that is inspired by the coastal energy of Brazil. It is a stimulating, refreshing colour that promotes focus and commands respect.

The 2016 Colour of the year: Atlantic Beach B5-B1-1

Be sure to get your Plascon 2016 Colour Forecast from your nearest stockist. You can also see more of the 2016 Colour Forecast in the new edition of Plascon Spaces Magazine available now at selected food stores and book stores.

Plascon SPACES Magazine Issue 17: The Forecast Issue


Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 CREDITS

Photographer: Henk Hattingh
Production and Styling: Tina-Marié Malherbe
Production Assistant: Marianne Burke
Décor Assistant: Elle Sunthein
Photographer Assistant: Jomeri Mouton


All paint effects by Paintiques
Charcoal Linen bedsheet, Mungo
Ditte Fleur Blush Rose sofa, sofacompany.com
Portable Pendant Light, Hoi P’loy
Diamond Pendant, Illumina
Lightweight Concrete and Oak Table, Concreative Concrete Concepts
Large Cement vases and Wooden stools, Weylandts
Tall ceramic vase, Klomp Ceramics
Newspaper objet and Faceted mirror, Simple Intrigue
Ceramic spoon and tumblers, Ceramic Matters
Terracotta tumblers, Kendal Warren Ceramics


Green velvet sofa, Casamento.
Grey chair with wooden arms, Sacks Corner.
Bella Coffee Table, Flash Table Circle and Square, L104 Dining Chair, all Crema Design.
Round cushion in Drama Velvet, Hertex
Seared Oak Bookcase, Copper lamps, both Weylandts
Bedlinen, The Hall Collection
Bed throw in De La Cuona Eskimo Cub Velvet, Mavromac
Art prints from the Rijksmuseum, printed by Smartart
Big Easy Sofa, Okha.
Cushions on couch, Studio Famille
Glass cabinet, On Site
Paint effects by Paintiques
Walls painted by Deon Julies


Paint effects by Paintiques
Walls painted by Deon Julies
Gregg Table Lamp and Scholten & Baijings Towels, Crema Design
White Wire stool, Abode Interiors
Triangular frame stand, Wessel Snyman Creative Framing
Scandi Back Dining Chair White, @Home.
Cushions on bed, bbellamy&bbellamy.
Black Eames-style Chair, Chair Crazy


Paint effects and chairs painted by Paintiques and Deon Julies
Malena Armchair, Colour Carpet, Twiggy Table Lamp, and Kaleido trays, all Crema Design
Folded origami shapes, Simple Intrigue
Round Dining Table, Chair Crazy
Velvet cushions, bbellamy&bbellamy
Wire stools, Indigi Designs
Grey Georg Armchair, sofacompany.com
Lesley Bookshelf, Vamp

Colour of the Year

Writer’s Desk and Stockholm Reading Lamp, Pedersen and Lennard
Pixo desk lamp, Newport Lighting
Tolix-style Chair chair, Chair Crazy

Address book:

Paintiques +27 21 4472409 www.paintiques.co.za
Illumina +27 21 534 3636 www.illumina.co.za
Concreative Concrete Concepts + 27 21 5552 465 info@concreative.co.za
Hoi P’loy +27 21 447 1433 www.hoyploi.com
Simple Intrigue +27 (0)74 194 2288 www.simpleintrigue.com
Mungo +27 21 461 0029, www.mungo.co.za
Stable, +27 21 426 5094, www.stable.org.za
Weylandts 0860 103 400 www.weylandts.co.za,
sofacompany.com +27 21 200 5904, www.sofacompany.co.za
Ceramic Matters 021 864 1722 www.ceramicmatters.blogspot.com
Kendal Warren Ceramics + 27 21 433 0440
Casamento +27 21 448 6183 www.casamento.co.za
Sacks Corner +27 (0)74 101 7552 www.sakscorner.co.za
On Site +27 21 462 1357 www.onsitegallery.co.za
Crema Design +27 21 448 7775, www.cremadesign.co.za
The Hall Collection +27 21 422 5320 www.thehallcollection.co.za
Mavromac +27 (0) 797 4739 www.mavromac.co.za
Okha +27 (0)21 461 7233 www.okha.com
The Hall Collection, 073 528 6331 / 083 626 1058
Hertex +27 21 461 7420/3 www.hertex.co.za
Rijksmuseum www.rijksmuseum.nl
Smartart +27 21 447 0872, www.smartart.co.za
Abode Interiors +27 (0)72 261 3540 www.abodecapetown.blogspot.com
@Home +27 21 928 6738 www.home.co.za
bbellamy&bbellamy bbellamyandbbellamy.com
Klomp Ceramics +27 (0) 82 895 5018 www.klompceramics.com
Chair Crazy +27 21 465 9991 www.chaircrazy.co.za
Vamp +27 21 4482755 vampfurniture.blogspot.com
Indigi Designs +27 21 4470165 www.indigidesigns.co.za
Julian And Ilaria of Paintiques +27 21 4472409 www.paintiques.co.za
Pedersen and Lennard +27 21 447 2020 www.pedersenlennard.co.za
Studio Famille www.studiofamille.com
Wessel Snyman Creative Framing +27 21 448 2002 www.wesselsnymancreative.co.za
Newport Lighting +27 21 447 0049 www.newport.co.za
Deon Julies Painter +27 (0)84 464 8200