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About Our Products

We appreciate that your home is your greatest investment, and maintaining it can be an expensive business. But it's an investment in your property and will ensure your home retains its value.

The finest finish and long lasting results are guaranteed when you paint with Plascon's seven premium quality paint brands; namely Double Velvet, Cashmere, Velvaglo, Bathrooms & Kitchens, Wall & All, Micatex and Nuroof Cool.

Plascon's 7 year Quality Guarantee pledge on these premium brands stands proud, after 7 years, and proves that the use of higher quality paint reduces the overall cost of coating over time by almost 50% - when you factor in the paint and labour costs of having to repaint sooner with lesser quality paints.

Plascon now also offers a 12 year Quality Guarantee on its premium-plus brand, Nuroof Cool, thanks to the unique Herotech formulation, Enviroshield™.

You can be assured that the technologically advanced Plascon products, coupled with thorough surface preparation and correct application, will leave your home protected and looking beautiful for longer.


Benefits of Using Top Quality Interior Paint

Goes on smoothly and evenly, without showing brush or roller marks.
Minimal spattering during application.
More hiding power, so it will require less painting from corner to corner, and possibly fewer coats.
Surfaces have fewer tendencies to stick to each other, so windows, doors and other freshly painted surfaces won't bond to one another.
Better resistance to dirt and stains, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of Using Top Quality Exterior Paint

Adhere well, so less likely to blister, flake or peel.
Better chalk resistance, for excellent colour retention.
Better dirt resistance, so the paint remains fresh-looking.
Better mildew resistance, so paint won't be marred by unsightly black or brown blotches.
Overall superior durability.