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Double Velvet

Plascon Double Velvet is a low odour, premuim quality, interior velvet sheen wall coating that is highly washable and stain resistant. The product is formulated with the technologically advanced Silver Protect™ which inhibits the growth of bacteria, as well as mould and fungus, reducing the chances of discolouration and other damage caused by their growth.

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Double Velvet
Appearance: Velvet Sheen Finish
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Application: Interior
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Spread Rate: 9 m2/ℓ
Packaging: 1ℓ, 5ℓ, 10ℓ and 20ℓ (white and tint bases only)
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Colours: White, and the standard colours indicated on the colour card. Now also available in a wide range of Plascon Inspired Colours.
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The spreading rate is calculated per coat on a smooth surface. This serves as a guide only. The practical spreading rate will vary depending on the porosity and profile of the substrate, as well as the application technique and tools used.
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    • Ideal for bedrooms, passages, offices, and public buildings, where a hard-wearing, luxurious finish is required.
    • Apply to suitably primed new and old cement plaster walls, fibre board, ceiling board, gypsum plaster, metal and wood.
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    • A luxury wall coating with a hard-wearing finish.
    • Technologically enhanced with Silver Protect™.
    • Dries to a hard, velvet sheen that will withstand repeated washing.
    • Low-odour - Breatheasy (and no paint smell when dry).
    • Quick-drying - two coats can be applied in one day.
    • Stain-resistant and easy to clean.
    • Comes with a 15-year Product Quality Guarantee.
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Double Velvet
  • Broken White
    VEL 17
  • Pearl White
    VEL 32
  • Gossamer Pink
    VEL 39
  • Cognac Cream
    VEL 82
  • Antique White
    VEL 6
  • Cloud White
    VEL 30
  • Apricot Cream
    VEL 42
  • Rice Paper
    VEL 45
  • Tawny Mink
    VEL 2
  • Mint Frost
    VEL 43
  • Grecian White
    VEL 33
  • Lotus
    VEL 46
  • Alpine Mist
    VEL 8
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Double Velvet

Wall 1 Width (in meters) Wall 1 Height (in meters)
Wall 2 Width (in meters) Wall 2 Height (in meters)
Wall 3 Width (in meters) Wall 3 Height (in meters)
Wall 4 Width (in meters) Wall 4 Height (in meters)
Door 1 Width (in meters) Door 1 Height (in meters)
Door 2 Width (in meters) Door 2 Height (in meters)
Window 1 Width (in meters) Window 1 Height (in meters)
Window 2 Width (in meters) Window 2 Height (in meters)
Total Area:
Substrate factors
Normal Rough uneven surface Light colour overcoating a dark colour