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Polvin Walls & Ceilings

Plascon Polvin Walls & Ceilings is a superior-quality paint for interior and exterior use. This highly durable paint applies easily and dries to a smooth matt finish that is easy to clean with great scrubability. It provides superior hiding and excellent spreadability. This is ideal paint for family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, ceilings and exterior walls. This durable and easy-to-clean matt coating is available in a wide range of UV-resistant colours that won't fade over time.

Polvin Walls & Ceilings
Appearance: Matt finish
Application: Interior and exterior
Spread Rate: 9 m2/ℓ
Packaging: 1 ℓ , 5 ℓ 10ℓ and 20 ℓ
Colours: White, Black and standard colours indicated on the colour card.  Polvin walls and ceilings can also be tinted into thousands of Plascon inspired colours.

    • Suitable for direct application to new cement plaster, concrete, porous brickwork and various types of building boards.
    • It may also be applied to suitably primed wood, metals, fibre-cement and gypsum plaster.
    • Smooth matt finish.
    • Excellent interior and exterior durability and low odour.
    • Outstanding scrubability.
    • Superior hiding.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Brilliant, flawless white finish.
Polvin Walls & Ceilings
  • Broken White
    EPL 314
  • Oriental Ivory
    EPL 312
  • Early Dawn
    EPL 434
  • Pale Cream
    EPL 272
  • Molucca
    EPL 175
  • Calico
    EPL 437
  • Black EPL 48
    EPL 48
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Polvin Walls & Ceilings

Wall 1 Width (in meters) Wall 1 Height (in meters)
Wall 2 Width (in meters) Wall 2 Height (in meters)
Wall 3 Width (in meters) Wall 3 Height (in meters)
Wall 4 Width (in meters) Wall 4 Height (in meters)
Door 1 Width (in meters) Door 1 Height (in meters)
Door 2 Width (in meters) Door 2 Height (in meters)
Window 1 Width (in meters) Window 1 Height (in meters)
Window 2 Width (in meters) Window 2 Height (in meters)
Total Area:
Substrate factors
Normal Rough uneven surface Light colour overcoating a dark colour