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Nuroof Cool

Plascon Nuroof Cool with its unique Herotech formulation, Enviroshield™, is a cutting-edge roof paint that combines performance, beauty and potential cost savings with a giant leap forward in green technology. This product comes with a 12-year quarantee.

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Nuroof Cool
Appearance: Low sheen finish
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Application: Exterior
Spread Rate: 7 m2/ℓ*
*Spread-rate may vary from surface to surface (see data sheet for more details)
Packaging: 5ℓ and 20ℓ
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Colours: The standard colours indicated on the colour card.

The spreading rate serves as a guide only. The practical spreading rate will vary depending on the porosity and profile of the substrate, as well as the application technique and tools used.

    • An extremely durable, weather resistant coating.
    • Apply to roofs with granular tiles (stone chip; sand), smooth tiles, special caution tiles (unpainted cement and slurry coated; clay).
    • May also be applied to galvanised roofs (corrugated; IBR), asbestos/fibre-cement roofs (profiled sheets; smooth tiles)
    • Can also be used on cladding, galvanised garage doors, gutters and down-pipes.
    • UV-resistant for long lasting protection.
    • The coating has a minimum Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) of 30%
    • Reduction of roof surface temperature by approximately 10 °C
    • Cools the interior of your home by up to 8°C
    • Can lead to power and cost savings by reducing the need for cooling.
    • Thermal emittance < 1
    • Comes with a 12-year Product Quality Guarantee.
    • Offers you 16 vibrant, trendy colours to choose from.
    • Reduces greenhouse gases.
    • Easy application by brush, roller or airless spray.
    • Dries in one hour, making it easy to apply two coats in one day.
    • Is easy to clean off equipment – just use water.
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Nuroof Cool
  • Earth Shadow
    TRP 206
  • Bushveld Plains
    TRP 213
  • Black Coffee
    TRP 204
  • Rainforest Green
    TRP 207
  • Atmosphere Grey
    TRP 200
  • Blue Aureole
    TRP 202
  • Antique Red
    TRP 209
  • Green Leaf
    TRP 216
  • Moonlit Sky
    TRP 210
  • White
    TRP 62
  • Sunset Dusk
    TRP 201
  • African Pan
    TRP 215
  • Ashen Sky
    TRP 214
  • Khaki Dawn
    TRP 212
  • Rising Moon
    TRP 205
  • Tan Sky
    TRP 211
Not sure how much paint you'll need? Our Paint Calculator will help you to eliminate the guesswork.
Please provide all measurements in metres.

Nuroof Cool

Wall 1 Width (in meters) Wall 1 Height (in meters)
Wall 2 Width (in meters) Wall 2 Height (in meters)
Wall 3 Width (in meters) Wall 3 Height (in meters)
Wall 4 Width (in meters) Wall 4 Height (in meters)
Door 1 Width (in meters) Door 1 Height (in meters)
Door 2 Width (in meters) Door 2 Height (in meters)
Window 1 Width (in meters) Window 1 Height (in meters)
Window 2 Width (in meters) Window 2 Height (in meters)
Total Area:
Substrate factors
Normal Rough uneven surface Light colour overcoating a dark colour