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Multi-surface Primer

Plascon Multi-surface Primer is a water-based multi-surface primer.

Multi-surface Primer
Appearance: Semi-gloss
Application: Interior and Exterior
Spread Rate: 9 m2/ℓ
Packaging: 1 ℓ and 5 ℓ
Colours: White

Spread rate calculated per coat at 45 μm DFT. This serves as a guide only. The practical spreading rate will vary depending on the profile of the substrate, as well as the application technique and tools used.

    • For interior and exterior use.
    • Suitably prepared plaster, wood, galvanised iron and PVC.
    • For use over appropriately cleaned specified surfaces to provide good adhesion for paint systems.
    • A water-based primer that provides good adhesion.
    • It may be overcoated with a wide range of topcoats such as alkyds, vinyl and water-based types, but two-pack polyurethanes, epoxies and nitro-cellulose lacquers are not recommended.
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Multi-surface Primer

Wall 1 Width (in meters) Wall 1 Height (in meters)
Wall 2 Width (in meters) Wall 2 Height (in meters)
Wall 3 Width (in meters) Wall 3 Height (in meters)
Wall 4 Width (in meters) Wall 4 Height (in meters)
Door 1 Width (in meters) Door 1 Height (in meters)
Door 2 Width (in meters) Door 2 Height (in meters)
Window 1 Width (in meters) Window 1 Height (in meters)
Window 2 Width (in meters) Window 2 Height (in meters)
Total Area:
Substrate factors
Normal Rough uneven surface Light colour overcoating a dark colour