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Acrylic Scumble Glaze

Plascon Acrylic Scumble Glaze is a clear, water-based, non-yellowing acrylic medium suitable for paint techniques such as rolling, stippling, marbling, and wood graining. When mixed with emulsion paint it produces translucent colour effects.

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Acrylic Scumble Glaze
Appearance: Semi-matt
Application: Interior
Packaging: 1ℓ
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Colours: Translucent
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    • For interior use.
    • The extended working time of this product enables a wide range of special colour effects to be produced on walls (including kitchens), doors, cabinets, fitted units, chairs, tables and cupboards.
    • Apply to well-prepared, primed and undercoated surfaces.
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    • When mixed with an emulsion paint like Plascon Double Velvet, for example, it may be applied over a base coat of another colour, and patterned to reveal the colour below.
    • When mixed with coloured paint, it may be sanded to create a matt, chalky surface.
    • It may also be applied over pure acrylic or styrenated acrylic emulsion paints, eggshell, melamine, and laminates.
    • Equipment is easily cleaned with water.
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Not sure how much paint you'll need? Our Paint Calculator will help you to eliminate the guesswork.
Please provide all measurements in metres.

Acrylic Scumble Glaze

Wall 1 Width (in meters) Wall 1 Height (in meters)
Wall 2 Width (in meters) Wall 2 Height (in meters)
Wall 3 Width (in meters) Wall 3 Height (in meters)
Wall 4 Width (in meters) Wall 4 Height (in meters)
Door 1 Width (in meters) Door 1 Height (in meters)
Door 2 Width (in meters) Door 2 Height (in meters)
Window 1 Width (in meters) Window 1 Height (in meters)
Window 2 Width (in meters) Window 2 Height (in meters)
Total Area:
Substrate factors
Normal Rough uneven surface Light colour overcoating a dark colour