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Chipped, Painted Stool

Use candle wax to create a chipped, aged effect on a pine stool.
  • A pine stool
  • Plascon Interior Woodstain Walnut (W4) for plain pine or Plascon Double Velvet: Callistoga (O5-E1-1) for any other material
  • Plascon Double Velvet: White (VEL1)
  • A crackle medium: Heritage Kwik Crack or Deco Art Weathered Wood
  • A 25 mm brush
  • A household candle
  • A metal scraper


Step 1
If you are using a raw pine stool, stain the base with Woodstain Walnut. For other materials, such as Supawood or melamine primed with a melamine primer, apply Plascon Double Velvet Callistoga to create the appearance of natural wood. Allow the piece to dry before using the 25 mm brush to apply the crackle medium randomly over about 30% of the stool. Allow it to dry, and then rub candle wax over the edges of the stool where the paint would wear naturally over time.

Step 2
Paint on the Double Velvet White, following the grain of the wood. Take care not to disturb the dry crackle medium too much, otherwise it will lift. Allow it to dry.

Step 3
Use the metal scraper to scrape the paint and remove the candle wax from the edges. This will create the appearance of aged, chipped paint.
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