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Rusted Statue
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Transform a new moulded cement statue by combining oxide powders with Plascon Wall & All to create a rusted, antique-looking finish.

For added inspiration and authenticity, study objects that have rusted naturally in the elements before attempting to reproduce the effect.

TIP: Mix 1 (Brown mix): Use a fitch to mix the brown powders 3:1:1 with the red powders and fine play-pit sand in a container. Add to the Wall & All Underground to form a thick paste. Mix 2 (Yellow mix): Use a fitch to mix the yellow oxide powders 3:1 with the red powders in a container and add to Wall & All Beeswax Candle until doublecream thickness is reached.


  • A cement statue
  • Plascon Wall & All: Underground (01-E1-1)
  • Plascon Wall & All: Beeswax Candle (Y1-B1-1)
  • Brown, red and yellow oxide powders
  • 3 mixing fitches
  • 2 mixing containers
  • Fine play-pit sand
  • A 50mm Laying-on brush


Step 1
Prepare the surface of the statue with one coat of Wall & All Underground, and leave it to dry. In your first container, use a mixing fitch to combine three parts brown oxide powder, one part red oxide powder, and one part fine sand. Combine this mixture with Wall & All Underground to form a thick paste. (We’ll refer to this as the brown mix.)

In the second container, use a fitch to mix three parts yellow oxide powder to one part red oxide powder. Add Wall & All Beeswax Candle to the powders, until the mixture attains the thickness of double cream. (This is the yellow mix.)


Step 2
Use the 50 mm brush to stipple the brown mix onto the prepared surface of the statue. Apply the mixture thickly in areas, and add extra texture by sprinkling on some brown oxide powder and stippling with the brush to achieve a ‘prickly texture’. Use the yellow mix to add lighter patches. Allow both colours to set. Use a clean fitch to re-stipple the surface, creating a finish that is quite lumpy in places.

Step 3
Using a smaller fitch, paint lighter yellow areas into the crevices of the moulded details. Stipple and wipe off the raised areas with a damp cloth. For an even greater aged effect, first dip your brush into water and then press it into the crevasses to allow the paint to run down the surface. Allow it to dry.